ayurveda 101

knowledge of life

Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life” in Sanskrit. Originating in India, it is believed to be one of the oldest continuing practices of wellness in the world, a comprehensive discipline that includes the physical and emotional bodies, and incorporates aspects of spirituality and day-to-day life. In Ayurveda, an individual with good Ojas is considered calm, content, and peaceful. The first part of our name, OJAS, is inspired by this and translates to “vitality” or “vigor” in Sanskrit.

the three doshas

Ayurveda is deeply rooted

in a belief that the five elements - ether, air, fire, water, and earth - influence the natural world and us as individuals. There are three main energies in Ayurveda thought to influence us, called doshas, and they grow out of the five elements.

vata air + ether

pitta fire + water

kapha earth + water

Ayurveda tells us that

these three doshas are always present and at play in each of us, but one or two may primarily influence us. Together, the doshas influence our unique personalities, decisions, and lifestyles, and each dosha corresponds to different seasons, times of life, and times of day. The doshas can go out of balance easily, so in Ayurveda, knowing your dosha is key.

which dosha are you?

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